Ethos & Care

Ethos & Product Care


In every aspect of the business, I strive to make my work as eco friendly as possible. This is everything from the products I make being Zero waste, the packaging being recyclable (or having none at all!) and only printing when I need it. It is our duty to preserve this planet for the future generation.

Supporting Small Businesses

When you purchase a product from my handmade range, you are not just supporting me, you are supporting my Irish Suppliers. You are helping to create a stronger Irish economy, supporting other small businesses around the country. When you purchase a soap, coaster or giftset you are supporting a life and a dream.

Unique Range

Each soap, shampoo, candle and coaster has been handmade by me! There are no two products identical, they are all unique. All of my products are designed to give yourself or someone you love a little extra self care.

Product Care

Soap Care

  • Once unwrapped use within 6 months
  • Keep your soap dry as possible when not in use
  • Use a soap dish
  • Once your soap starts to get small, use a sisal bag to make it last!

Shampoo Care

  • Once unwrapped use within 6 months
  • If your shampoo is going to be stored for a period before use, put it in an air tight container (box) otherwise It may begin to “sweat” (glycerin absorbing moisture from the air onto the shampoo). This is totally normal and is still perfect for use.
  • When in use apply the shampoo bar directly to your hair and rotate to gain a lather. It doesn’t lather fully within your hands
  • Store in a storage tin between uses to keep dry

Candle Care

  • Trim your candles wick to 1/4 inch before every light
  • Allow your new candle to burn a wax pool to the edges of the container to stop it from tunneling
  • Burn your candles for a maximum of four hours to burn efficiently
  • Always place your candle on a heat resistant surface