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Seven Soap Bar Facts!

Seven Soap bar facts

Plant Based Ingredients

Liquid soap and body wash (and many “beauty” bars- Yes you Dove) are detergents in disguise. The bubbles are produced by surfactants – chemical petroleum BY-PRODUCTS. It dries out your skin and disrupts the natural balance of the skin’s protective properties. Handmade soap bars are packed full of nature’s finest ingredients and scented with essential oils!

Your Skin Knows

Small batch handmade soap contains Glycerin (Yeay!) An ingredient that attracts and retains moisture into the skin. Many commercial “soap” is either a detergent (not real soap), or it has glycerin removed to make lotion. Often shop bought products dry your hands to force you to purchase their hand cream or moisturiser.

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Unlocking the secrets of essential oils.

Unlocking the secrets of essential oils.

Essential Oils have been used for centuries and are deeply rooted in all cultures, since their origin in what we believe to be Egypt around 2000BC. The Egyptians invented the art of distilling to produce perfume, medicines and spiritual enhancements (and are to thank for the creation of alcohol!). It’s no secret that authentic essential oils (from the plant itself rather than synthetically produced) bring a range of benefits to the body, mind and spirit. Even Cleopatra’s breathtaking beauty was attributed to her use of extensive beauty treatments that included essential oils as well as clay and salt from the Dead Sea.

Today, essential oils are used widely in beauty products, treatments, aromatherapy and medicines. We use them to calm our nervous system, to invigorate sluggish spirits, to treat ailments and to ultimately bring healing. Most of us know the names and aroma of essential oils, but do we know just how many benefits they can bring us?

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