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My Zero Waste Journey- Refill!

I have chosen a few things in my kitchen that I will begin refilling so that no more waste (from these few items anyway) will be thrown into the bin. Here are a few things I will be refilling in my kitchen:

  • Washing up liquid bottle
  • Loose salt & pepper
  • Ground spices
  • Loose Tea

Now, if any one knows me I am a very big Llyons tea drinker (borderline obsessive) and have too many cups of tea a day. Llyons have recently made their tea boxes provided with no plastic and the bags are compostable. This was a fantastic move for all the eco warriors out there, but the small problem I saw, is in the supermarket. When I picked up a box on my last weeks shop, I saw many more boxes that were damaged in the shop- as they didn’t have their plastic protective lining. So I can only imagine what happens to these damaged boxes…. will they be dumped? So this swings me back to just not bringing packaging it into your home. I have a tea bag mason jar in the kitchen (you can find them easily at any IKEA or online) which I intend to fill with loose black tea. I got a loose tea pot before Christmas, that I intend to get far more use out of.

I am hoping these small changes will eventually snow ball to a point that there is almost no waste leaving my house. No waste adding to our planet and less toxins seeping into out gorgeous eco system.

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