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My Zero Waste Journey- Tea!

My Zero Waste Journey-Tea!

It has been a little while since I posted on this thread, but alas, no time like the present! In my quest to be zero waste, I picked up lots of good tips in Plastic Free July. If you haven’t come across this campaign, check it out. They have social media pages and the website is here.

I love tea, I basically live off the stuff. I have at least two cups a day but it can be up to four….or five if I am at home with family. I watched a clip a few years ago now about how much plastic is actually in tea bags. The main brands all has it in them, which made me think. Am I putting plastic in my compost pot? To combat this, I used up all the black tea bags I had left in my cupboard (few stragglers in there) and have now switched to loose tea. We got a glass loose tea pot from IKEA last year but I barely used it. We ordered Irish Breakfast Tea from the lads over at McCabes Coffee (here is their website) and got some of their Wicklow Organic coffee beans for Joe too.

We have been grinding our own beans for coffee for well over a year now. Joe got a coffee grinder (well, more like a blitz-er) for his birthday in 2020 and he says it is far more tasty to have freshly ground coffee that the ground bought stuff. I don’t drink coffee, so I’ll take his word for it! So now I have my loose tea infuser, filled with my super tasty Irish Breakfast tea. I have to say, loose tea has a far better flavor than any bagged alternative. So if its not for the less waste angle you like, definitely go for flavor!

So no more throwing (possibly) plastic filled tea bags out, its all natural loose tea in my compost heap. When we order from McCabes the coffee beans and loose tea, it arrives in pouches. It says on their website (and the bag) not to throw them out, but to send back to them. So for the reminder of the year we will collect up the bags and send the pouches back to them. They send them to the UK to be properly recycled.

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