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Seven Soap Bar Facts!

Seven Soap bar facts

Plant Based Ingredients

Liquid soap and body wash (and many “beauty” bars- Yes you Dove) are detergents in disguise. The bubbles are produced by surfactants – chemical petroleum BY-PRODUCTS. It dries out your skin and disrupts the natural balance of the skin’s protective properties. Handmade soap bars are packed full of nature’s finest ingredients and scented with essential oils!

Your Skin Knows

Small batch handmade soap contains Glycerin (Yeay!) An ingredient that attracts and retains moisture into the skin. Many commercial “soap” is either a detergent (not real soap), or it has glycerin removed to make lotion. Often shop bought products dry your hands to force you to purchase their hand cream or moisturiser.

No Empty Bottles

Not bringing products with excessive plastic packaging into you home is the first step in living a zero waste lifestyle. it also means you’re not paying for expensive packaging that comes with your liquid soap. Bottled soap has a higher carbon footprint that bar soap too. Why? When shipping bottles, they are bulky and can’t pack as many into a box. Which in turn causes more trips for the shipper. Soap bars can have many packed in a box perfectly!

Selection Soap Pack

Eco Friendly Packaging

Often handmade soap bars bear no packaging at all! This is superb for the zero waste lifestyle. Most soap bars come wrapped in paper packaging, recyclable and great for the environment. No plastic bottles, springs or pumps to deal with. Only use what you need!

Water Water Water

When you buy liquid soap from your local shop, you are purchasing mainly water. This gets washed down the drain when you use it, and because of the high water content, its full of preservatives. Because handmade soap bars have almost no water, contained within them, you get what you pay for an there are no need for preservatives.

They last and last!

Properly stored, your soap bar can last well over a month. Yep, over a month at your sink for hand washing or even your shower. Soap bars last when they are drained so do make sure your get a good quality, well draining soap dish. These are often hand made too! This also stops your soap from flying around the sink!

Clean as you Go

With the current goings-on at the moment, you may feel a soap bar is not going remove the bacteria quite like a strong alcohol based hand sanitiser. That soap bar will do better! It removes the bacteria from the skin by taking away where the bacteria like to hang out, in dirt and oils. The soap bar bubbles up and takes the dirt and oils with it, heading down the drain as you rinse off your hands when hand washing. This is why it is so important to really wash every area of your hands, no bacteria can hide then. Washing with the soap bar will also have a pleasant smell and not dry out your hands.

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