Beara Peninsula Location Lino Print


Beara Peninsula Location Lino Print

Bring the beauty of the Beara Peninsula into your home with our Hand Pulled Lino Print. This stunning Irish location piece features intricate details of the Beara landscape that will transport you to this breathtaking West Cork destination. Printed on high-quality Ho-Sho paper, this print is sure to amaze with its fine details and clean lines.

This print includes some of Beara’s sights:

  • The Beara Bridleway
  • Ireland’s only Cable Car
  • Europe’s Tallest Standing Stone
  • The Wild Atlantic Way Sign
  • Beara’s Fishing Fleet

This print is 28 cm wide by 9.5 cm long

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Beara Peninsula Lino Print

The Beara Peninsula Location Lino Print is a must-have for anyone who has ever visited this enchanting Irish location. This exquisite piece of art is the perfect way to capture the rugged beauty of West Cork and the stunning vistas of the Beara Peninsula. Made with precision on Japanese paper, this hand pulled lino print is sure to become a cherished part of your art collection.

Handmade in Kildare, this print is 28 cm wide by 9.5 cm long.

Named & signed by the artist

Weight 100 g


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