Wonderful Wren Original Pastel Drawing


“Wonderful Wren”

This is an A4 pastel drawing of a oh so cute Irish Wren Bird. Wrens are native to Ireland and can be identified by their short up right tail feathers.

Carefully entwined the rich colours of the wrens  feathers, this piece is perfect for any home or office.

This beautiful piece of art would make a lovely addition to any collection of nature-inspired artwork, and is sure to delight bird lovers and art enthusiasts alike.

This piece comes fully framed, it is 10 x 12inch in size. Ready to hang.

Signed and dated at the back by the artist, me!

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This pastel pencil drawing on A4 paper depicts a charming Irish wren bird in exquisite detail. The intricate and delicate lines of the drawing are created using high-quality Stablio pastel pencils, each stroke carefully applied to create a lifelike representation of the bird’s unique features.

The coloring of the bird showcases the subtle nuances of its feathers, beak and wings. They are soft and muted, with shades of brown, gray, and blue blending together to create a delicate, naturalistic effect.

The pastels have been applied to capture the texture of the bird’s feathers and the roughness of the bark on the branch.

The piece is carefully framed to highlight the natural beauty and vibrant colors of the wren bird. It is an stunning work of art that is sure to charm anyone who appreciates the majestic beauty of nature and out Irish wildlife.

This piece comes fully framed, it is 10 x 12inch in size. Ready to hang.

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